Keen to Hike Australia

Looking north from the summit.

Today is January 8, 2019.

Today my hiking boots touched Australian soil. I’ve been keen for my Keens to log their first hike in Australia. I thought it would be an early morning gorge hike at Cape Range, but who wants to hike a river gorge when snorkeling in the Indian Ocean is 50 ft away? I thought it might be a hike in Karijini, but who wants to hike a gorge when it’s 43C and a refreshing dip at a waterfall is more appealing? Today my hiking boots touched Australian soil. Today I logged my first Aussie hike. Instead of hiking down, I hiked up. Like a true Canadian, I hiked up a mountain. Up Bluff Knoll. Standing at 1093m Bluff Knoll is the highest mountain of the Stirling Range. Bluff Knoll is a baby, a mere day hike compared to the aggressive peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Bluff Knoll, once conquered, offers 360 degree views of the countryside and I’m certain on that spectacularly clear day you can see the Southern Ocean. Like all mountains, it comes with changing weather warnings for the summit. Occasionally, Bluff Knoll gets snow. Not skiable or back breaking shovelling snow, but enough of a dusting to make the news and spark the imagination of Aussies. It’s the kind of snow to make Canadians say meh. It does get cool at the summit of Bluff Knoll. The mist rolls in frequently. The clouds sit on the summit. The wind races over the top. I wore my toque. Yes, I brought a toque for such an occasion. The cool wind is welcome after a hot and humid ascent to the summit. Today my hiking boots touched Australian soil. Today, I added another kilometre to my well tracked boots. Tomorrow brings the anticipation of more bush walk adventures in the land of Aus.